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Apple Music Classical

Sam was the 2nd hire in NYC for niche streaming service, Primephonic. She was responsible for developing the go-to-market strategy, digital execution of a $1.2M ad budget, website, web and app content architecture, UX, advertising assets, lifecycle, email marketing and data. Sam’s strategy was influential in the explosive growth of their user base. Primephonic was acquired by Apple Music and spun out as a standalone app because the UX served the classical music audience so well.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization was looking to draw a large crowd to their Walk the Talk: Health for All Challenge, a walk and rally to build awareness for healthcare access for all during the UN General Assembly in NYC. Sam was responsible for managing paid media campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads and others. Her efforts contributed to record turnout to the event, including high-profile attendees, and publicity for this important cause.


Masterworks was looking to ramp up their organic and paid search programs to attract and convert new customers. Sam was responsible for overhauling their website for site architecture and UX, identifying keyword opportunities, crafting their content strategy, designing and testing landing pages, developing new campaigns and hiring their search team as they continued to scale. Her work increased search channels annual revenue 1,100% quarter-over-quarter. Masterworks was valued at $1B and continues to grow.

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk was looking to gain traction in rural areas for treatments like Ozempic and Wegovy. Studies show that lifestyle care companions to medications are the only path to successful treatment. Novo created a program to train and deploy life coaches to support those taking medication. Sam was responsible for end-to-end marketing efforts, resulting in record recruiting and blockbuster demand generation for life coach services in the Southeastern US.

Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas wanted to elevate their brand presence on digital channels, as well as upskill their team on campaign design, creation and experimentation. Sam was responsible for creating an actionable brand guide, campaign playbooks, A/B testing protocols, and a data program to present to the Hunter Douglas team. These tactics are guiding Hunter Douglas in their new consumer campaigns as they look to increase their global brand reach and revenue.